Drawing from the all encompassing natural energy in nature and the universe we squeezed some mana into this beer. Beyond using Citra in the dry hopping we went all in New Zealand hops for the remainder with beautiful Nelson Sauvin and Rakau, to channel power from our Māori brethren.

Violetta (2020)

We updated this years version of Violetta with a new water treatment plan to make it even more juicy and bumped up the ABV. Still single hopped with Citra, both regular pellets and Cryo.
Supporting the fight for equal rights for all humans!

Double Dry Hopped Geothermal

An 8% hazy double IPA with volcanic amounts of hops! It’s actually our most hopped beer to date ❤️.
Dry hopped with crazy amounts of Citra, cryo Citra and Idaho 7 for a supremely tropical feast in line with the mantra ”more is more”.

Dragonfly (2020)

For the 2020 version of Dragonfly we slightly raised the ABV, tweaked the hopping and massively changed the water treatment which makes this a completely different beast compared to the 2019 version.
Incredibly thick and juicy with a mouthfeel like an 8% DIPA, however clocking in at only 6.5% with tropicality and dankness to write home about.


For this beer we tried to squeeze the proverbial essence from the hops used. Tropical and nicely dank thanks to the super fresh Citra, Mosaic and Ekuanot.

Dream Snack

A smooth hazy dream of a pale ale, dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic for that classical tropical feeling.


A smooth and juicy IPA that we dry hopped with generous amounts of Citra and Motueka for nice citrus/ tropical aroma and flavor.

Triple Dry Hopped Crystal Lake

Since we brewed this beer on friday the 13th the name had to be an homage to a truly classic movie series.
Introducing Triple Dry Hopped Crystal Lake, our collab with Duckpond Brewing. Dry hopped three times with generous amounts of Citra, Mosaic and Rakau for a juicy experience with touches of New Zeeland.


Smooooth, thick and round with a residual sweetness that lingers nicely. As the old saying goes: 'Fight fire with fire', we instead say 'Fight darkness with Darkness'. An imperial stout to keep you company during the pitch black evenings of the winter months.

Double Dry Hopped Cosmic Radiation

A thick and juicy brew where we dropped the wheat and doubled the oats to play with the mouthfeel.
Generously double dry hopped with a lot of Citra and a nice backing of Nelson Sauvin gives the beer a nice tropicality with citrus, gooseberries and white grape aroma.
Collab with Gamma Brewing!

1st Ten Handsiversary Imperial Hazelnut Milkstout

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary we brewed up a super small batch of a roasty imperial stout with lactose. After fermentation we dry roasted high quality ecological hazelnuts to let the beer age on for a while to give it a nice and round hazelnut flavor.


In mythology a trickster is a character (god, goddess, spirit, human, or anthropomorphisation), which exhibits a great degree of intellect or secret knowledge, and uses it to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and conventional behavior.
Dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Ekuanot for a juicy and dank experience.

Double Dry Hopped Tropical Ghost

In time for Halloween we felt it appropriate to release the ghost. A spooky juicefest of a beer with a creamy mouthfeel and tropical mango flavors. Guaranteed to scare the ghouls away.

DDH Surfin' Safari

Our interpretation of what a west coast IPA is. Beautifully dank with Citra, Simcoe and Apollo, double dry hopped for extra hoppy dankness with a nicely bitter finish. We asked Mr. Fingers if they surf on his homeworld, he gave us a mischievous look and flew away. A couple of days later he sent us this photo of a friend doing their thing, Surfin' Safari intergalactic fingermonster style!


Dragonfly is our first hazy IPA where we have used Ekuanot in the dry hopping. The beer is Citra heavy and the Ekuanot adds another interesting dimension to the aroma and flavor. A super juicy IPA that is like drinking pure tropical hop nectar.

Planet Guava

We felt like trying something new so we added loads of guava puree into a new hazy IPA, to make it even more tropical and juicy. 
We welcome you all to Planet Guava, where the hops are tropical and the fruit is plentyful. Even though Pluto no longer has the official status of a planet, we can assure you that Planet Guava is an actual planet!*
Board your spaceships and join us on our quest for enjoyment.
*Might not be an actual planet.


We poured all our love into producing Violetta. This is the official beer for Värmland Pride, but not only that, it is also our humble way of honoring our art director Violetta. 
She’s fighting for LGBTQ rights in Ukraine and we must honor and support that fight, the fight for love. 
The fight for equal rights for all, no matter your race, age, sex and love must continue until it is no longer needed, and that is when we achieve total equality, understanding and acceptance. 


Meet Citronella, our hazy IPA made uniquely for Beergium as a welcome to the family. Same malt base as Violetta, but with different dry hopping. Citronella has an abundance of Citra and Amarillo to make it feel like a tropical citrusy rain for your beery senses. Only available for the Belgian and French markets via Beergium.


Super juicy with loads of tropical hops and a velvety smooth mouthfeel. Dangerously chuggable in the summer heat with a nice bitterness that lingers for a while.

Space Mist

In the deepest depths of space our Citra hops froze and formed cryo pellets which we then generously used in the dry hopping, together with all the Amarillo we could gather, for a powerful citrus forward hazy beer with a nice mango like sweetness.

Hazy Higeways

A slightly lower ABV hazy IPA, with modern tropical hops brewed to be super chuggable, for those hot Swedish summer days when you need a juicy beer (or a couple). Brewed exclusively for Bishop’s Arms in Karlstad, Örebro, Köping, Västerås, Eskilstuna and Strängnäs.

First Born Double Dry Hopped

We took our First Born and went crazy with the hops. Hopped both during the end of fermentation and a second time after fermentation was done with heaps of tropical and citrusy hops. 


Plenty of Amarillo as the primary hop to shine in this juicefest of an IPA, backed by large amounts of Citra and a smidge of Cascade to add an extra dimension.


A hazy IPA with citrusy aromas and a round mouthfeel. An abundance of Citra was used when dry hopping, as well as some Mosaic and a nice small backing of Simcoe.


Beautiful Citra up front which rolls off into smooth Mosaic and a nice dry finish. Single strain ale yeast fermented, for a clean and crisp flavor.

First Born

Zesty with lovely stone fruit notes and a ripe mango sweetness, hazy and juicy.

Say hello to Mr. Fingers

We’re still not quite sure where Mr. Fingers originates from, most theories point towards that he and his friends are intergalactic travelers, seeking only the freshest of fresh hops.

It all started one day when we heard soft taps on a window in the brewery, and when we opened the window a whole mess of odd-looking creatures flew in. Since they looked severely dehydrated after their assumedly long travels, we offered them a pint of hoppy beer and a mutual love and understanding instantly started to grow. The rest is as they say, history, and now Mr. Fingers and his gaggle of quirky friends live in our brewery, feasting on hops.

/ Mr.Fingers