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Founded November 7th 2018 and located in Karlstad, in the heart of Sweden, at the northernmost part of our greatest lake.

We found each other due to our shared love of craft beer and the community around it. The feeling of happiness, openness and willingness to share beer and information is simply amazing. So, after discussing all this for quite some time we decided that it was time for us to create our own brand and produce the beer we love and share it with others.

We are five founders who all happened to have two hands each, hence our name Ten Hands Brewing. This name is also very important to us because it clearly signals that we are a team, where everyone works towards a common goal, which is to make the best beer we know how to in all instances.

Our words of value are

Join us on our journey, and in the wise words of Bill & Ted:
“Be excellent to each other”.

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For this beer we tried to squeeze the proverbial essence from the hops used. Tropical and nicely dank thanks to the super fresh Citra, Mosaic and Ekuanot.

Dream Snack

A smooth hazy dream of a pale ale, dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic for that classical tropical feeling.


A smooth and juicy IPA that we dry hopped with generous amounts of Citra and Motueka for nice citrus/ tropical aroma and flavor.

Triple Dry Hopped Crystal Lake

Since we brewed this beer on friday the 13th the name had to be an homage to a truly classic movie series.
Introducing Triple Dry Hopped Crystal Lake, our collab with Duckpond Brewing. Dry hopped three times with generous amounts of Citra, Mosaic and Rakau for a juicy experience with touches of New Zeeland.

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Say hello to Mr. Fingers

We’re still not quite sure where Mr. Fingers originates from, most theories point towards that he and his friends are intergalactic travelers, seeking only the freshest of fresh hops.

It all started one day when we heard soft taps on a window in the brewery, and when we opened the window a whole mess of odd-looking creatures flew in. Since they looked severely dehydrated after their assumedly long travels, we offered them a pint of hoppy beer and a mutual love and understanding instantly started to grow. The rest is as they say, history, and now Mr. Fingers and his gaggle of quirky friends live in our brewery, feasting on hops.

/ Mr.Fingers